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  • Material Testing

    POTERON - The Lifespan Monitoring System

    POTERON Measuring of:

    • Crack propagation
    • Creep deformations
    • Crack initiation (fatigue)
    • Wall thickness reduction
    • Corrosion losses
    • Crack depth measurements

    POTERON Features:

    • Low and high temperatures (up to 1200 °C)
    • Measuring during running conditions (heating, cooling, vibrating, deforming, ...)
    • Material degradation diagnostics by using of ACPD/DCPD/Corrected DCPD
    • Measurement applications (accuracy 1 ‰, resolution 0.01‰)
    • Wide range of metallic, conductive and semi-conductive materials use
    • Wireless access and on-line diagnostics

    POTERON Applicable to:

    • Material samples with limited access (High pressure chambres...)
    • Dangerous locations with high radiation enviroments
    • Extreeme chemical environments
    • Explosive environments
    Permanent installation example


    Instaling and measuring

    Selection of measurement locations
    Installation of electrodes on material samples
    Reference measurements and setting the system
    Start measurement


    POTERON PD-05 (Four channel measurement unit)

    • Four multiplexed channels
    • 18-bit data acquisition, ±5V, 0.2% accuracy
    • Measurement current 1A
    • Communication interface – USB, RS232, RS485, Bluetooth, GSM, ...
    • 3.3” LCD display
    • Up to 1000Hz measurement frequency, stability better than 0.01%
    • Tunable gain 1 – 128x in 8 steps
    • Tunable offset ±1000mV in 12 steps
    • 12V, 1400mA power consumption
    • Applicable to radiation enviroments
    Four channel measurement unit Poteron PD-05
    Four channel measurement unit Poteron PD-05

    Four channel measurement unit Poteron PD-05

    Poteron PD-05 Packaging

    Poteron PD-05 Packaging


    • Nuclear Research Institute, Řež, CZ
    • Testsure Technology Ltd, Manchester, GB
    • SCK•CEN, Mol, BE
    • SIEMPELKAMP Pruf- und Gutachter Geselschaft MBH, Dresden, DE
    • European Comission – JRC, Petten, NL
    • Vítkovice Steel, Research and Development Division, Ostrava, CZ
    • The Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, CZ
    • SVUM Prague, CZ
    • Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CVUT Prague, CZ
    • Institute of Physics of Materials of the ASCR, v. v. i., Brno, CZ
    • DAKEL s.r.o., Rpety, CZ
    • TEDIKO s.r.o., Chomutov, CZ
    • Nuclear power plants (TW, MX, BR)
    • ČEZ Power plants
      • ČEZ Power plant Počerady, CZ
      • ČEZ Power plant Opatovice, CZ
      • ČEZ Power plant Mělník, CZ
      • ČEZ Power plant Chvatelice, CZ
      • ČEZ Power plant Tušimice, CZ
      • ČEZ Power plant Dětmarovice, CZ
      • ČEZ Power plant Ledvice, CZ
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      • Material testing using potential drop techniquel

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      • Poteron PD-05

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