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Sobriety, s.r.o.
Náměstí 1. května 63, 664 34 Kuřim, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 541 231 696, Fax: +420 541 263 295
www.sobriety.cz , info@sobriety.cz



Habitat CrystalCrystal is the latest contribution of Sobriety to the international collaboration to develop a habitat for extreme terrestrial environments. The habitat is used in emergency situations in the regions threatened by hurricanes or already hit by them. Crystal's structure is designed to safely withstand the wind strength of a hurricane. It can be dropped from helicopters to the affected area. The light-weight, self-deployable structure of this mobile habitat provides comfortable terrestrial living space for two people. Its design consistently utilizes the principles applied to thin-walled aircraft structures and is systematically verified using computer simulation codes MSC.NASTRAN, ANSYS and AeroFLOW. More ...


OmicronOmicron is an orbital habitat that responds to a growing public interest in commercial and tourist space flights. It accommodates a three-person crew (two passengers and one astronaut). Omicron's basic core is the module of Russian space station Salyut. The concept focuses mainly on the interior design for microgravity conditions emphasizing a high degree of safety and comfort. Space tourist may not necessarily be trained sportsmen; they can even have below-average motor skills or be physically handicapped. The spacious cabin and microgravity environment allow practically anybody to impart his/her body considerable kinetic energy. Omicron's interior is made of flexible, inflatable walls, which fulfill a similar safety function as a gym mat. It makes use of the properties of a flexible structure, inserted in an outer rigid shell of the spaceship. More ...


LB10LB 10 is a concept of lunar base for 10 astronauts that will form a part of a wider complex of structures on the moon surface, located in the vicinity of the Lunar North Pole. This complex is designed both for scientific research and for commercial purposes. It includes a landing pad, the lunar base LB 10 itself, a nuclear reactor and two survey telescopes. More ...


The Sobriety company has become the part of a consortium of seven companies and academic institutions from the European Union, which stands behind the S.H.E.E. project (Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments). This project is based on the current technology research to design a folding self-deployable unit for use in extreme conditions, or areas affected by natural disasters. The S.H.E.E. unit, whose viability will be verified by Sobriety computer simulations, must be able to satisfy basic needs of its inhabitants, recycle water and produce electricity. More ...